NYT Vs. Politico: Mouse Wars

In the heat of the new war mentality between NYT and Politico, everything is fair game – Kurt Bardella, fired spokesman to California GOP Rep. Darrell Issa, blind copied emails, NYT‘s Mark Leibovich, and yes, even mice.

NYT Social Media Editor Liz Heron is making a big claim today: @Politico, we had a fake mouse waaaay before you did 🙂 @nyt_mouse, meet @politicomouse. (Pictured below, NYT mouse is on the left and Politico’s mouse is on the right.)

As we reported late last week, Politico‘s newsroom has mice and Allbritton management is apparently dealing with the situation. In the meantime, the mice have taken to twitter with @politicomouse being quite the prolific tweeter. But @nyt_mouse (as annoying as that underscore is) is no slouch, describing itself as “suave, witty, brilliant” and “a true Prince among rodents.” NYT mouse tweeted 15 hours ago: “How long till Thanksgiving dinner?”

Politico‘s mouse, meanwhile, has an admirer. Says a TBDTV Producer named Becky (could she please add on her surname to her Twitter account?) “I’ll admit it, @politicomouse is the best thing to happen to this newsroom all week. Love it.”

WJLA/the website formerly known as TBD and Politico are all housed in the same building in Arlington.

UPDATE: We received an urgent Anonymous email telling us to update this story. It appears @politicomouse has fired back. The mouse writes, “I’ve been secretly DMing tweets from the media to @nyt_mouse, even though he’s a little stodgy and slow.”