NYT to Launch My Times, Though Not Yours Entirely

In an insert to readers May 2, the New York Times announced new upcoming features to nytimes.com. One was a personalization feature called “My Times,” which will allow readers to create a personalized homepage, organize the stories and blogs they read, including those from outside sources.

Editor & Publisher David Hirschman‘s take:

But My Times, which is set to launch internally over the next few days and then will be up and ready by June 1st, has an important difference: NYTimes.com readers will actually be shown how to model their homepages after the preferences of their favorite Times reporters/columnists. The insert extolled the “guidance and expertise” of such writers, noting that they would offer their “informed editorial judgment” to readers about their areas of interest.

Our take: It seems like a good idea, but placing their writers’ expertise above their readers is not only redundant, it undermines the whole customizable idea of “My” anything. The fact that Times‘ reader bought the paper in hand means they already buy into the “expertise.” No need to market that part.

The Mixed Blessing of ‘Personalized News’ [E&P]