NYT Readers Write in With Own Ideas on How to Save the Industry

The New York Times has up a number of interesting ‘letter to the editor’ responses to last week’s op-ed piece ‘News You Can Endow’ which suggested one way to save newspapers might be to turn them into non-profits.

Says one person: “The writers don’t seem troubled by the rule that endowed status would prevent newspapers from attempting to “influence legislation.” Candidate endorsements are not the only thing this would suppress. Wouldn’t this also prevent newspapers from editorializing about any pending legislation?”

Another has a suggestion about what future newpapers and ads might look like if the industry would “edit its self-image and start thinking of itself as the ‘publishers of news,’ skip the ‘paper.'”

“Just as television did not strive to replicate its print predecessors’ revenue stream with still ads locked onto the tube, the re-edited newspaper industry will start to shape its online format to the movie-screen dimensions of computer monitors and flat-screen TVs. It will surround the printed word with the stunning color ads of slick magazines combined with the video action of television to woo readers and advertisers alike.

‘Click to enlarge’ will be to the publishers of news what ‘downloading’ is becoming for the music industry: a viable future and a new delivery system for something we love.”