NYT Fails To Slap Hockey Caption Past Copyranter

The above photo and caption appeared in yesterday’s edition of the New York Times. We’ll let Copyranter explain what’s wrong with it.

If there’s one thing that Prucha is NOT doing in this photo, it’s preparing to take a shot. Firstly, look at the position of the players on the ice; Prucha is either in his own zone or the neutral zone. Secondly, look at the Penguins’ skater to the left; he’s looking at the puck—which is not in the vicinity of Prucha’s stick—which is the implement used by hockey players to take “shots.” This stupid, lazy mis-captioning of hockey photos is not a rare occurrence at the “national paper of record.” Additionally, their hockey reporters obviously don’t know the sport very well, as they often—and I mean OFTEN—wrongly describe how the previous night’s goals were scored. Being a former small-time sports journalist, I know how the American sports reporting system works: low man/woman on the totem pool at major newspapers gets a hockey team to cover. Still, you’re the … NEW YORK FUCKING TIMES.

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