NYT.com: All the News That’s Fit to Livestream?

Anyone curious about what the future of online newpapers might look like need only turn to the NYT.com right now. The homepage is currently running its usual layout of stories, but in lieu of a front page photo is a live feed of Barack Obama announcing his new national security team (Hillary’s official!). Could a NYT online television channel be far off? We imagine that at some point in the near future this is exactly the sort of meshing between TV and newspaper we will see everywhere.

On a similar note, we noted that over the weekend in its coverage of the Walmart stampede (a story that spent some time a top the “most emailed” list) the Times linked to a YouTube clip of said stampede in its piece (the video has since been removed). While more mainstream news outlets have been linking to outside sources this is the first time we’ve seen a news piece in the Times use YouTube as an accompanying visual source. UPDATE: A NYT spokesperson tells us it’s not, in fact, the first time! There have apparently been links in previous articles
as well as in pieces in the Sunday magazine. Also, the Times apparently did a similar live feed of the Presidential debates, which we must have missed in our liveblogging frenzy. Still, we think today’s feed is a sign of things to come, and also nice for those people who don’t have access to a television in the middle of the day while at their desk.