NYT and NYU’s Unpaid Student Journalism Project Has a Promotional Video

The New York Times – NYU collaboration, “The Local East Village,” announced in February, now has a promotional video to recruit aspiring journalists.

“The Local East Village” hopes deploy unpaid NYU student – journalists to provide coverage of the neighborhood. In exchange, the students get exposure to beat coverage and the chance to work for a New York Times project. The project met with some criticism on its announcement for relying on unpaid labor to perform the important task of local New York coverage, among other things.

In the video, “The Local East Village” editor Rich Jones promises that “You get to work in one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in New York City, and you get to work with journalists who have a great deal of experience working at the highest level of the profession.”

Video after the jump. Thanks to the Observer for the point.

The Local East Village from yvonne latty on Vimeo.