Give Crime Tips in NYC with New NYPD App

The New York Police Department has released an iPhone app called  NYPD that is designed to make citizens aware of crime around the city and give witnesses a tool to report crimes.

The app includes photo galleries for NYPD’s wanted lists, crime statistics, precinct boundaries and crime videos. The app also has a new tool that lets citizens submit crime tips directly from their phones. It also includes a section called “Breaking News,” which gives citizens access to crime alerts as they unfold, details that were previously reserved for the media. The app also includes links to New York’s Finest’s Facebook page and a link to join the force.

The New York Daily News has more: “The app, simply called NYPD, was introduced without fanfare on Dec. 30, and about 500 people have downloaded it, some from as far away as China, according to Christopher Apuzzo, website administrator for the NYPD, the nation’s largest police force.” An Android version of the app is expected later this year.