NY Times Says NY Times CEO is on Hot Seat

NYTimeslogoThe New York Times’ David Carr has a message for his boss, New York Times CEO Mark Thompson: You’re skating on thin ice, fella! In Carr’s latest column, he lists media executives who are “on the hot seat in 2015,” and Thompson made the cut:

Although The Times’s metered model opened up a new source of revenue — there are now 875,000 digital-only subscribers — new lower-cost online-subscription approaches like NYT Now have not taken off as hoped. Mr. Thompson has the full confidence of the company’s publisher, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., but declines in print advertising and circulation have created holes in revenue that a recent round of buyouts and layoffs can’t begin to fill. That very tough math will be squarely on Mr. Thompson’s desk in the coming year.

Imagine what that must feel like — to be able to call out your own boss and not worry about the ramifications.

Maybe Carr does worry, but he knows as the Times’ chief media reporter, he must identify the Times in any column about the uncertainty of the industry. Either way, it could make for an awkward elevator ride.

Thompson: “Morning David, what are you working on this week?”

Carr: “Nothing big. Just a piece about how you might be fired next year.”

Thompson: “Oh.”

Carr: “Yeah, you know. Because things kinda suck around here and all.”

Thompson: “Uh, yeah. Right.”

Carr: “Have a good day!”