NY Press’ David Blum: ”Readers Won’t Know What to Expect From Us”


After a long nap, The New York Press is relevant again. The NY Press’ newfound snap, crackle and buzziness is thanks, in part, to efforts of the new editor, David Blum (And, to be sure, some fearless writers). Last week their cover story on Deborah Solomon had the Chattering Classes debating the ethics of her Q-and-A technique. This week Blum took on media superheavyweight, Howard Kurtz on a Rather ”exclusive.” FishbowlNY emailed the indefatigable Blum with this question:

FishbowlNY: You’ve had a wild two weeks. Is this high energy no-hold-barred assault on the Old Guard what we can expect from the new NYPress?

”David Blum: Thanks. Yes, it will be high energy and no-holds-barred, but we’re not limiting ourselves to the ‘old guard.’ Readers won’t know what to expect from us.”

(image via uchicago.magazine)