NY Post’s ‘Decider’ Launches

The New York Post’s Decider.com is now live. The site is not like The Onion’s now-shuttered Decider and doesn’t have anything to do with our former decider-in-chief, George W. According to the Post, its Decider is “the first pop culture and entertainment destination site dedicated to helping today’s on-demand generation discover the best streaming content.”

“It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of streaming options available, which is why Decider will help people find great, conversation-worthy entertainment,” said the site’s editor-in-chief, Mark Graham, in a statement. “Our site is meant to turn you on to things that an algorithm might never guess you’d like with a staff of writers who are all funny, smart and more than a little obsessed with TV and movies.”

Decider isn’t exactly a bad idea, but we’re not quite sure that people will care enough to visit. If you ask your FishbowlNY editors, yes, we do want to know what’s streaming, but we don’t need anyone telling us what to watch and why. But perhaps we’re in the minority. Maybe people really do need someone to tell them that if they haven’t seen Commando they’re basically wasting their lives. Maybe.