NRA President Attacks The Journal News, Gawker, for Publishing Gun Owners’ Information

The Journal News has been under near-constant attack for publishing a list of gun owners’ names and addresses. People have threatened to shoot editors — because that makes a whole lot of sense — and more. Then Gawker, seeing all the attention the Journal News was getting, copied the paper and published its own list of New York City’s gun owners, containing just their names. And now both the Journal News and Gawker have a new common critic: David Keene, president of the NRA.

According to The New York Observer, Keene was asked about both lists while on a radio show. Keene took the opportunity to criticize the Journal News, Gawker, and — Sarah Palin fans get excited — “elite media,” whatever the hell that is:

It wasn’t until the culture wars of the late 1960′s, 70′s and 80′s that, all of a sudden, the Second Amendment became anathema to liberals who viewed it, really I think culturally, as a as symbol of an America they didn’t like, an America in which people took responsibility for themselves and for the protection of their families, an America which didn’t look to the state for the answer to all of its problems. And the media, the elite media, if anything, represents that view more than almost any segment of our society.

Keene then went on to say that the media’s concern with guns didn’t have anything to do with wanting to curb mass killings. “It’s a result not of a concern about crime, but about the vast cultural differences between these elites and the rest of us in this society,” said Keene.

So “elite” means worrying about a society that seems to be okay with large amounts of people being slaughtered with ease? Count us as elite then.

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