NPR Names Executive and Business Editors

Some new editor assignments at NPR…

Madhulika Sikka, executive producer of Morning Edition, will become Executive Editor in January. She will oversee all desks and reporters, and help set the agenda for the entire News division.

Leading a newly defined Business Desk will be Neal Carruth, as Senior Business Editor. According to a release sent out this morning, since August 2011, Carruth has been running NPR’s election coverage. During campaign season, he established series like Parallel Lives about how the candidates’ lives coincide in striking ways, and Solve This, exploring the major issues facing the next president. In his new role, Carruth will work closely with NPR’s Planet Money team. He steps into this new position at the beginning of December, after the elections.

Fun facts: Carruth started out as an NPR intern in 1999. He has worked on nearly every NPR program and in 2006 was a producer in the Baghdad Bureau.

Congratulations to all.