Now You Can Easily Upload Photos and Videos to Facebook by Email

Facebook’s 250 million users upload 1 billion photos and 10 million videos to the site each month. Now, Facebook’s just made the uploading process even easier: starting today, all users can email their photos and videos to Facebook from any email client and they’ll be automatically posted to your profile.

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, go to Facebook Mobile and get your personal upload email address. You won’t want to give this out, because it’s used for posting content just to your profile. Once you get this address, add it to your address book on whichever mail clients you use, especially your mobile phone.
  2. To upload photos or videos to Facebook, just send them as email attachments to this address. Facebook will use the subject line of the email you sent as the caption for the photos and videos you upload (the same caption will be used for all of them if you send in more than one). You can of course edit these later by logging into Facebook.

Facebook says there’s no limit on their end to how many photos or videos you can send in at once – you’re only limited by your own email provider. All uploaded photos will go to the “Mobile Upload” photo album by default, and will follow the privacy settings the user has specified for it.

Overall, this is a good move by Facebook that should continue to grow the amount of content being uploaded and shared through Facebook. The feature has been popular in other online sharing services like Tumblr and TwitPic for quite a while, as well as some versions of Facebook’s mobile site. As a side note, iPhone 3GS users will soon be able to upload videos directly using the forthcoming Facebook for iPhone 3.0.

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