‘Now is the time FOR YOU TO BENEFIT by writing the story continuation for our upcoming MOVIE PRODUCTION’

Just to prove that it’s not just job seekers who can act like idiots, we got e-mailed about a writing opportunity that really should be on PassiveAggresiveNotes.com.

Writer needed and this is the Last Call for a writer before a decision is made. If you missed out on the last opportunity you don’t want to miss this one. Now is the time FOR YOU TO BENEFIT by writing the story continuation for our upcoming MOVIE PRODUCTION at [redacted]

ENHANCE YOUR RESUME AND IMDB Profile WITH FULL SCREEN CREDITS so if you are interested please go to and follow the instructions for consideration.

When one visits the website it turns out that it is an advertisement for a writer to create the sequel to a movie about human combustion(!?). It is a paid gig, at what looks like reasonable money to us (not that we’ve written a screenplay before or know what they go for). But then it gets sketchy.

In order to apply to write the sequel, the would-be scribe needs to watch the first movie. Which costs $10. If you don’t want to pay $10, it’s okay: “you do not have to pay as you can use a trial offer from trial pay and the movie link will be sent to you.” As in, use your credit card to sign up for a “free offer” and the movie makers receive a kickback.

What if you don’t want to watch the movie?

“Watching the movie as soon as possible is necessary because you should be willing to do this genre so you should watch the first part. Also, you might decide that you can’t or don’t want to do it…as a small production company we absolutely must know that we have someone that is reliable, dependable, and supportive that will go the extra mile to ensure that we will COMPLETE the project.”

We e-mailed the company, whose name will not appear here, about this. They have not responded. It’s certainly possible that they’re a misguided small production company that earnestly thinks this is a good way to filter out candidates. It’s also entirely possible that it’s 2005 all over again and somebody thinks that luring screenwriters is a quick way to make a buck.

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