Noted Authors And Architects Think About Which Skyscraper They Like The Best And Tell Carol Willis


Carol Willis, iconic founder and director of the downtown Skyscraper Museum, asked a hundred of her friends and acquaintances to go through a list of twenty-five New York City skyscrapers and pick the ten they liked the best. Choices included the Chrysler Building (90 votes!) and the Flatiron (70 votes), and the Park Row building (1 vote). Critics included real estate developer Aby Rosen, former NYT public editor Dan Okrent, Architectural League director Rosalie Genevro, writer Karrie Jacobs, and F.O.U. Philip Nobel. David Dunlap discusses the selection process in today’s Gray Lady, and a surprisingly interesting chart of building and looker is up at the Museum’s site. That was all just very service-tastic of us.