Notable Quotables

Some quirky news and notables from around the DC media world over the past few days, brought to you by the good folks at National Journal’s Hotline:

  • Number of write-in votes for Chuck Todd in the SRLC Straw Poll: 2 (Last Call! reporting).

  • “She’s very smart. She read ‘War and Peace’ in the original Russian, blah, blah, blah” — Tucker Carlson, blah, blahing his way to a Condoleezza Rice presidency (“The Situation”).

  • “What is God’s work here on earth?” — Tim Russert, saving the hardest questions for himself (Mobile Register)

  • Chris Matthews was just crowned an official ‘Duckmaster’ which allows him to travel with the ducks on the elevator” — Peabody Hotel witness (Last Call! sources).

  • “I hear that O’Reilly has threatened to beat me with a loofah if I come near his set” — Dana Milbank

  • And….WHA?!? But they just met!!! Oh the humanity…