Not-The-LAT in 90

Redesign Reinvigorates: Roy Rivenburg takes on the LAT redesign. Best graph: “The reaction was jaw-dropping. At a Starbucks in Glendale, one newspaper reader was mobbed by young people who put down their iPods and asked, ‘Wow, where can I get one of those?'”

Suspension of Disbelief: In a piece that mocks John McCain’s campaign suspension, Rivenburg suggests how other people might put things on hold: “Bill Clinton: Former president said he was ‘suspending my marriage to Hillary so I can work on the economy. In the 1990s, when I previously suspended my marriage, the economy did great.'”

The Economy: Picks and Pans The mock paper mocks McCain’s erratic economic “solutions”: “In a last-ditch effort to derail Barack Obama’s White House bid, John McCain unveiled a new economic rescue plan yesterday, urging Americans to protect themselves from financial calamity by panning for gold at Knott’s Berry Farm.”