Not That Anyone Cares, But ‘Entourage’ May Be Borderline Illegal

As it’s picked up for its 6th season, the hit HBO show “Entourage,” which skewers the film industry with its usually dead-on lampooning, both in character and storyline, may be shooting blanks with its ongoing saga of “manager” (and best friend to star Vince) Eric.

In recent episodes, Eric has been dutifully involved in setting up an independent production with Vince and Ed Norton. He’s pitching it, negotiating for it and ultimately collecting from it. The fact is, it’s all illegal or at least illicit as Eric the manager is not technically allowed to perform any of these activities.

This has all been discussed and argued in court with real-life manager Rick Siegel and his continual woes with the legal system.

Eric, as a manager, would not be allowed to sit in on or participate in any negotiation meetings. Furthermore, he wouldn’t even be allowed to look for, much less create, elements for Vince to be a part of.

Much of this has been the crux of Siegel’s ongoing dispute with the Talent Agencies Act and how it’s enforced.

Not that we’re holding them to any standard, but HBO, usually a stickler for accuracy, did not get back to FBLA with a comment.

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