The North-South Technology Divide

iPhone and Android have regional devotees

The north and south of the United States have always had opposing personalities. A recent study shows that technology might be the most recent indicator of the divide. A report from ad firm JumpTap shows that southerners have a preference toward Android phones, whereas northerners opt for iPhones. Their research also found that the western United States tends to lean more Android versus a devoted group of iOS users in the east.

JumpTap’s study surveyed 83 million smartphone users across all 50 states and found the distinct north-south, east-west trend to be pronounced, despite some outliers. Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey all fell into the Android column, while Louisiana and Hawaii are in favor of Apple’s iOS. JumpTap also found that Blackberry had a strong showing in historically business-centric states like New York and Virginia. New Mexico, Nevada, and the Carolinas proved to be more mixed in smartphone preference.