A North Korean PC?

The Hermit Kingdom makes computers

North Korea is now in the PC manufacturing business. According to the country’s state-run news service, a modest factory is making three models of computers: two for educational use and one for business use.

Asian tech manufacturing giants Japan and China need not worry about any sort of burgeoning technology boom in the Hermit Kingdom, however. The report showed a factory that looked more like it was from 1981, rather than 2011. PC World reports the TV news spot featured workers doing menial tasks long-ago assigned to automated systems in powerhouse factories in China.

Few details are known about the computers, which is no surprise coming from one of the world’s most secretive states. The choice to produce only business and educational models of PCs falls in line with the general consumer and political culture of the country. Few people have computers at home, and it is impossible to get Internet access privately. The only places one would be able to access the Internet would be at monitored educational facilities and libraries. Presumably for fear of dissemination of uprising-inciting information, the two educational models lack USB ports for data transfer.