North Korea’s Official Twitter Profile Gets Hacked By Anonymous

North Korea’s government-run Twitter and Flickr accounts, and some of its official websites, have been taken over by a person (or persons) claiming to represent the hacktivist group Anonymous.

On the North Korean Twitter profile @uriminzok, which has more than fourteen thousand followers and is typically used by North Korean authorities to praise the country’s government and communist regime, “Anonymous” have posted a series of disruptive messages and uploaded a new avatar image to the profile, both of which can be seen below.

On the Uriminzokkiri Flickr page, a number of different images have been uploaded, including a rather unflattering “wanted” poster of North Korea’s “Supreme Leader”, Kim Jong-Un.

Last week, hackers purporting to be part of the Anonymous group claimed to have stolen more than 15,000 passwords belonging to users of, one of North Korea’s main websites.

In this latest update, Anonymous are claiming that has also been hacked, and the site is offline at the time of writing.

(Source: The Next Web.)