Norman Foster Likely to Lose ‘Lord’ Title

Starchitect Norman Robert Foster, Baron Foster of Thames Bank is to begin life as a non-royal soon, becoming known as just starchitect Mr. Norman Foster, assuming the UK’s House of Lords decides to continue on their current path and strip Foster of his title. The reason for doing so is that the famous architect lives in St. Moritz, Switzerland and is a legal Swiss resident, something that doesn’t sit so well with the other Lords (Foster also doesn’t pay taxes in the UK, which, along with a criminal record, is another no-no in the books). So while he’s still currently a Lord at this moment, it looks as though Foster’s days are numbered. Here’s a bit:

While Foster & Partners has consistently refused to answer questions about Foster’s tax status, he lives in St Moritz and — as a non-resident — could make substantial capital gains tax savings on the proceeds of a deal in 2007 which saw private equity firm 3i take a minority stake in the firm.

The Sunday Times reported that [Justice Secretary Jack Straw] is expected to use a Commons bill on constitutional renewal which is already progressing as the basis for the Lords reforms, which have cross-party support.