Nook Touch’s Hidden Web Browser Interesting But Limited

Barnes and Noble’s $139 e-ink touch screen Nook ereader is not a full Android tablet like the Nook Color. It does, however, have a partially functional web browser that is hidden through obscurity according to

The Nook Touch has a Hidden Web Browser! (Video)

You do not need to root or otherwise hack the touch screen Nook to use the web browser. Just type in a URL (web address) into its search bar and it will take you to the website. However, reports that the browser is a bit buggy and speculates it is undocumented because it was not fully prepared before the touch screen Nook was scheduled to launch.

I should note that Amazon’s Kindle ereader device also has a web browser. Its limited functionaility, keyboard based interface, and slow refresh e-ink display also limits its value as a web browser.


Video courtesy of TheeBookReader