Nominees: Hottest Male On-Airs

The ten finalists for hottest male on-airs in Washington

The following are the top ten hottest media males working on-air in Washington, as chosen by reader nominations and our panel of judges. The top vote getter in this category was the blue-eyed wonder himself:

David Shuster, MSNBC: “I watch Hardball every night just to be able to stare at those beautiful blue eyes.”

It’s also worth noting that while NBC took the top spot in both male and female on-air, none of their other talent made the top 10 in either category. The women really love Shuster, the men really love Norah, but that’s about it for the network, it appears.

The other nine follow after the jump.

John Donvan, ABC News: “he looks much more adorable now that his hair’s a bit longer and he goes for the dark eyeglass frames/turtleneck look. He’s got that “really hot professor” look – endearingly geeky, wicked smart, a good listener, but a tiger in bed. (Okay, I imagine so anyway.) Yum.”

Mike Emanuel, Fox News Channel

Ed Henry, CNN

Greg Kelly, Fox News Channel

John King, CNN

John Mercurio, CNN

Gordon Peterson, ABC7: “The ‘Dean of Anchors’ is ‘Dean of My Heart'”

Grant Rampy, Tribune Broadcasting

George Stephanopoulos, ABC News