Nokia Image Space: Flickr Meets a Photosynth-like Service to Mashup 3D Photo Spaces

YouTube video courtesy of NokiaConversations

Here’s an interesting service mash-up from Nokia Beta Labs…

Introducing Nokia Image Space: a new view to photos

I call it a mashup since it appears to depend on Yahoo!’s Flickr photo sharing service for photo storage and retrieval. Here are the key items related to this service:

– Nokia phone with camera, GPS, and compass
– Upload photo to Flickr with GPS/compass meta-data
– Login to Nokia Image Space
– View photos from the same location by other people
– Photo metadata (location + compass direction) to create a 3D photo space using multiple photos

That last item sounds a bit like Microsoft Photosynth. But, it seems like a simpler and more collaborative solution.

I wonder if we will see something similar for iPhone 3GS and Droid users (both of which also have a GPS and compass)?