Nokia Getting Strong Messages About S60 & Status Quo Phones

Year-to-date stock price chart (courtesy of Yahoo! Finance) for Palm (red), Apple (green), Motorola (yellow), & Nokia (blue)

Nokia Conversation’s little reader-voted…

Best product announcement from 2009

…is a bit of odd reading. All the products are Nokia phones, of course. But, consider what is missing from this list…

1. Nokia N900 (59% of vote)
2. Nokia E72 (10%)
3. Nokia N97 mini (9%)

The N97 (maxi?), 5800 XpressMusic, and N86 8MP are all missing from the list of top vote getters. And, the fact that the Maemo (Linux) based N900 won the lion’s share of the vote tells us that the presumably sophisticated Nokia-centric smartphone users who probably make up majorting of that official Nokia blog’s readership is sending a strong signal to Nokia about the future of the Symbian S60 platform.

If you look at the comparison of stock prices for Apple, Motorola, Nokia, and Palm during 2009, it looks like investors are sending a strong message to Nokia too: Status quo phones are not interesting investments.