50 Reasons Why Nobody Is Following You On Twitter

A couple of years ago I wrote a fairly popular post entitled 16 Reasons Why We Might Unfollow You On Twitter. A lot has changed on Twitter over that period, so it’s time for an update.

(And a look at it from the other perspective.)

Want to know why nobody is following you on Twitter? Or why lots of people are unfollowing you?

The answer will very likely be found in one or more of the bullet points from the list below:

  1. You tweet too much
  2. You don’t tweet enough
  3. You’re a spammer
  4. You’re following spammers
  5. You keep asking people to follow you
  6. You openly discuss personal stuff
  7. But you take everything personally
  8. You’re a friend who acts like an enemy
  9. You don’t have a bio
  10. You’re following too many people
  11. You only talk about yourself (or your product)
  12. You project
  13. #You #use #hashtags #for #every #frickin #word
  14. There are no replies on your profile page
  15. You’re a jerk
  16. You don’t speak a word of English (harsh, but true)
  17. You’re a bully
  18. You’re too negative
  19. You’re too positive
  20. You’re forever the newbie
  21. U twt n txt spk
  22. You’re obsessed with follow count
  23. You’re a different person in real life
  24. You don’t appear to have a real life
  25. You generate too much noise
  26. You have a protected profile
  27. We’re always asleep when you tweet
  28. You’re a liar
  29. You don’t know your limits
  30. You’re part of the problem
  31. All you do is criticise Twitter
  32. You’re obsessed with celebrities
  33. You keep making the same mistakes
  34. You’re unprofessional
  35. Your spelling and grammar is etroshus
  36. You retweet everything
  37. You’re too argumentative
  38. You’re sloppy
  39. You find everything offensive
  40. You committee tweet
  41. You just can’t let go
  42. You blame the wrong people
  43. You try to game it
  44. You churn
  45. You ask for retweets
  46. You’re a security risk
  47. You’re a metweeter
  48. You think Twitter is boring
  49. You’re always telling people when you unfollow them
  50. Why would anyone follow you?

Phew. Take a deep breath. Relax. Even if you’re guilty of multiple felonies from this list, I have good news for you – it only takes a little extra work to fix everything, and before you know it your follower dilemma will be over.

It’s pretty simple. You know those things you are doing that are putting other people off? Stop doing them.


See? Problem solved.

(PS. You’ll have your own list – feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.)