No More Thumbing Through (the) index

wfindex.jpgindex publisher Peter Halley today announced the end of his magazine (for now?):

The November/December issue of index marks the completion of the magazine’s tenth year of publication. After a full decade of great interviews, great writing, and great photographs, I must reluctantly announce that I am now suspending publication of index magazine for the foreseeable future.

Even under the best of circumstances, publishing an independent magazine is a daunting undertaking. Having completed an exhilarating decade of work, the time has come for me to refocus my energies on my work as an artist and my duties as director of the painting program at the Yale School of Art.

Even though publication of the magazine has been suspended, I am hoping to pursue other projects that will carry forward the index name and ethos in the future. For the time being, index‘s web site,, which hosts the complete archive of index‘s 150+ interviews will be redesigned and expanded. Next year, I will also start work on the publication of a “best of index” book.

Finally, I wish to thank our contributors and supporters. They made index such an exciting publication. I feel privileged to have worked with all of them and to have found myself at the hub of contemporary independent culture for the past ten years.

Index associate publisher Kate Kittredge also denounced yesterday’s WWD story that said a “skeleton crew has apparently been putting out” the last few issues.

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