No Firings at Rolling Stone for Botched UVA Rape Story

A curious decision.

Rolling Stone will publish the Columbia University’s report on the magazine’s botched UVA rape story—A Rape on Campus—at 8 pm. What publisher Jann Wenner will not do is fire any editors or factcheckers who worked not the piece.

CNN Money reports that Wenner considers publishing the review—which is rumored to reveal “systemic failure” by Rolling Stone—enough punishment. Sabrina Rubin Erdely, who wrote the UVA article, is also supposed to release an apology alongside the Columbia report. If she does, it will be her first comments on the article since it came under scrutiny last December.

Erdely’s piece alleged that a gang rape occurred at a UVA frat party. As more people viewed the piece, more holes in the reporting emerged. Eventually, the piece completely unraveled and Rolling Stone was forced to ask Columbia to investigate its own story.