No Deal Yet Bringing Sid Rosenberg to WINS

We recently reported that 1010 WINS has agreed to hire controversial talk show host Sid Rosenberg. Newsday first had the story. Other sites have Rosenberg set to start on December 15.

FishbowlNY has learned from sources close to the situation that the deal hasn’t been signed yet, but should be completed within the next one to three weeks.

The abbreviated morning shift will run from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.   

Technical issues are one of the factors delaying the deal, as Rosenberg will be hooked up from Florida. He hosts an afternoon sports show on WQAM in Miami.

The source says Rosenberg would make a nice hire for WINS because of the creativity and energy he brings, and of course his New York roots (professionally and personally).

Rosenberg did several years of show hosting on WFAN. He also was sports reporter on Imus in the Morning. 

The source says Rosenberg will take the WINS gig with the hope of getting more work at the ‘FAN.

The source tells FishbowlNY that the station isn’t concerned with Rosenberg being out of his professional element to do sports updates on WINS. Rosenberg is most closely associated with being opinionated, either in show-hosting duties, or with Don Imus. Given WINS’ tight format, Rosenberg, 43, he would likely be on a tight leash. Should he decide to speak his mind, the source says that Rosenberg would have to make a deliberate and calculated choice to go outside of the script.

When not scripted, Rosenberg has made several controversial comments, ultimately leading to his dismissal from WFAN in 2005.

Attempting to resurrect his image, Rosenberg resurfaced on the ‘FAN earlier this year.

WINS and WFAN are owned by CBS Radio.