Nitasha Tiku Jumps to The Verge

Just a month after stepping into Sam Biddle’s Valleywag shoes at Gawker, Nitasha Tiku has bolted to The Verge. From Business Insider senior correspondent Alyson Shontell’s report:

Tiku, who recently relocated from New York to San Francisco, will be a west coast senior writer alongside Casey Newton.

“We want The Verge to be better at covering The Valley and we could not think of someone better than Nitasha,” The Verge’s editor-in-chief Nilay Patel told us. “We spent some time talking to her about the opportunity and how much more powerful her already-powerful voice could be on our huge platform.”

Tiku’s move comes on the heels of Emily Yoshida’s debut this week as The Verge entertainment editor (after a reverse cross-country relocation). Quite the team they are building over there. Read the rest of Shontell’s item here.

[Image via: @nitashatiku]