Nine Jobs On The Line At The Commercial Appeal

The Memphis Commercial Appeal is cutting nine guild-covered jobs and an unspecified number of non-covered jobs, including one in editorial and two at the company’s website, the Memphis Newspaper Guild said today.

Unlike during previous layoffs, the paper isn’t providing the guild members outplacement services.

“Several former employees who lost jobs in past rounds of cuts have told us that this training is extremely valuable and helps put them in the right mindset to look for work,” the Guild said. “It’s especially helpful to workers who haven’t been on the job market for years. Not only is the company cutting workers just before Christmas, it wants to deny them a low-cost training session that could make a big difference in their ability to find another job quickly. This is no way to treat people who have served the company faithfully for years.”

Beyond the three employees already mentioned, the other jobs that will be cut include two in accounting, one in advertising, and three in operations. The employees’ last day will be Dec. 20.