Anonymous Website Group Claims to Have Outed Nikki Finke

A turbulent week of media coverage for Nikki Finke just got a whole lot more turbulent.

Following pieces by BuzzFeed’s Kate Aurthur and NYT‘s Ravi Somaiya about Finke’s current settlement talks with PMC, a mysterious new website – – has gone live today with footage it claims is that of the reclusive Hollywood journalist. For those in LA who care about such things – and there are many – the video and multi-camera-angle screen grabs depict a woman the site claims is Finke getting into a black Town car.

From the Hollywood Reporter item about this:

According to two sources who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter on the condition of anonymity, one of whom has met Finke in person in recent years, the woman in the video is the real Nikki Finke. A call and email to Finke were not immediately returned.

To further strengthen its case, also hosts documents indicating that the building in the video is the same West Hollywood condo where Finke’s former employer, Penske Media Corporation, purchased a unit for her in 2011 for $830,000.

Is this “Gotja!” fair citizen journalism or a cruel invasion of privacy? Let the debate begin. Many will no doubt argue that the cached identification herein of Finke’s home address is going too far.

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Update (4:30 p.m.):
Mike Fleming, who took over Deadline from Finke, has come to his former colleague’s defense. And in so doing, savaged two of his immediate competitors:

I have grown accustomed to this lack of class from Sharon Waxman’s TheWrap. I am genuinely surprised and disappointed that The Hollywood Reporter would wallow; I don’t know her, but thought Janice Min was above this. Both stories are based on this cowardly anonymous website. Let’s break this down for what it really is: two trade publications selling their souls for the sake of clicks and readership, propping up as provocative a reckless invasion of privacy against a person who covets her personal privacy.

Update (August 28): has removed the video and photos of Finke from their site, and de-activated the YouTube link:

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