Le Monde Profiles Nikki Finke

Sandwiched around a great full-page, in-place-of-current-headshot illustration by Kelsey Dake, Le Monde’s M magazine has chimed in with a Nov. 22 profile of Nikki Finke. Good timing, since heading into Thanksgiving, Finke tweeted that she is getting ready to announce by year’s end if and how her day-job efforts will continue.

Although Finke did not on-the-record participate, article author Samuel Blumenfeld does at one point reference her off-the-record response to M inquiries. He writes that the speed and detail of her words made it feel like M was the only party to have ever contacted her.

We couldn’t help marvel at how much more civilized Finke’s disruption of the Hollywood trades sounds when the recap relies on words like ‘savoir-faire’ and ‘souterraine.’ This being a Paris POV, there is also some atypically elegant framing of la grande Deadline dame. At one point, Blumenfeld ropes in a reference to Otto Preminger‘s noir classic Laura. And late in the three-page piece, he suggests that Finke would have fit snugly into the court of Louis XIV.

Chiming in by name to M about Finke is writer-director Bill Condon, who compliments the journalist on her efforts during the Hollywood writers’ strike. Otherwise, it’s pretty much all anon; from a former L.A. Weekly colleague to some briefly excerpted Tinseltown industry folks.

Here at FishbowlNY, we are hoping that Finke – should she choose to continue daily writing – segues from the Hollywood beat to matters Washington, D.C. Her takes on Hillary, Jeb and the rest of the potential 2016 Presidential Election tentpoles would be a fitting, formidable coda. In the meantime, for those who understand French, the Le Monde meditation by Blumenfeld is well worth the paid-read.

P.S. The article headline, which translates as “The Pythia of Hollywood,” is a Greek mythology reference. According to one definition, this prophetess of Apollo’s Delphic Oracle was willing “for a fee, to make prophecies which were noted for their ambiguity.”

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