The Nikki Finke-PMC Era Is Officially Over

In a co-bylined post that few would have thought possible just a few months ago, Nikki Finke’s film and TV workhorses Mike Fleming Jr. and Nellie Andreeva announced at 9:26 p.m. ET tonight that their days of reporting to the volatile Finke are over:

Despite attempts by all to have it go otherwise, Nikki Finke will no longer be leading Deadline Hollywood, and she will not be writing weekend box office or filing stories going forward. This is an emotional and painful parting of the ways for us…

We will be adding a few significant hires to our staff imminently and, though we will never completely replace Nikki’s unique voice, we will continue ahead, charging hard, breaking every story possible. On behalf of everyone at PMC and Deadline Hollywood, we wish her well and appreciate the opportunity to have worked alongside her.

The most recent bit of op-ed Finke coverage came just a few days ago from Michael Wolff in the pages of USA TODAY. The jury’s still out on who will win the broader end game he hints at here:

Penske’s game seems to be to let Finke dig her own grave by making herself repellent to investors, life being too short for anyone to want to suffer her.

Finke’s game is to make herself even more famous than she already is and to reduce Deadline Hollywood, as she said in a recent telephone interview, “back to where The Hollywood Reporter and Variety were when we put them out of business.” She will snuff Deadline and set herself up again.

About 15 minutes after the post, Finke shared the first of several tweets tonight about this expected but still, somehow, semi-shocking development:

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