Nikki Finke Returns!

Founder of Deadline will re-up in January as a senior columnist for Mediaite.

Next to Kate McKinnon singing “Hallelujah,” this may be the best possible news for downcast Hillary Clinton supporters. Nikki Finke has decided after much contemplation to return to the journalism beat. Beginning in the new year, she will share her views about the media and politics as a senior columnist for Mediaite.

From Dan Abramsannouncement:

Nikki will have complete autonomy to opine, and I quote: “on what she wants and how she wants to say it,” which were her only conditions for joining us. The hiring of Nikki comes as Mediaite has welcomed record traffic (and is on track again to break that record this month) and become a, if not the, leader in the national debate over media and politics. I am confident that Nikki’s fearless voice, which so many know all too well, will now help take Mediaite to new heights.

A huge coup for the website. In a statement, here’s how Finke frames it: “I can write regularly or irregularly, long or short, fiercely or forgivingly. At this stage in my 40-year journalism career, that’s what I want and need.”

Read the rest of the Abrams announcement here.

Update (Nov. 17):
Per LawNewz, another site owned by Abrams, Finke’s former employer Penske Media Corp. views this announced return to journalism as a breach of her non-compete and is threatening to sue if she and Mediaite carry through. From PMC’s Nov. 15 letter:

It is impossible in the current environment to separate these two businesses [entertainment, media]… You are hereby on notice that we will hold both Ms. Finke and the Abrams Media Network for her compliance with the strict terms of her [non-compete] agreement.

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