Nikki Finke Taps for Two New Hires

The afternoon of Thanksgiving seems like a strange time to tease news of “two important staff additions.” But that was the case this past Thursday at, where both new employees are already on board.

Kinsey Lowe, the new nighttime managing editor, and Nancy Tartaglione-Moore, international editor, come straight from, a website that once aimed to become the Drudge Report of entertainment news. Currently owned by, this aggregator has several items in its stream of “Exclusives.”

Lowe joins daytime managing editor Patrick Hipes, formerly at the Hollywood Reporter, while Tartaglione takes over for Deadline London editor Tim Adler. Finke says Adler will continue to contribute to the site as a freelancer.

Prior to joining as contributing editor, Lowe worked at Variety and the LA Times, where he authored one of the paper’s earliest blogs, the “KinseyGram.” Tartaglione meanwhile has a long list of credits preceding her stint as managing editor of, which began in 2006. She was also once a writer for Variety as well as contributing editor at Screen International, freelance editor for the New York Times DealBook blog and a Paris-based colleague of famed 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace.