Nike Shutting Down Classic NIke+ for iPod nano Walkers on Sept. 1: Debacle in the Making

One of my favorite features in the 5th generation iPod nano introduced last fall is its ability to act as a pedometer (step counter). And one of the reasons I still use that feature even though I have a Fitbit activity gadget that provides more information is that Nike provided a free site that kept track of my cumulative steps (now nearing 1.2 million steps). I could also see a historical view of my steps for each day. Nike’s site was simple to understand and provided illustrated achievements to mark various step count milestones.

Nike changed all this earlier this summer by introducing a new horrible looking low contrast web site and an information free fictional metric called “Nikefuel” that does not even have some simply arithmetic relationship to a simple step count. For example, 5254 steps is equivalent to 421 Nikefuel units. Diving 5254 by 421 results in 12.4798.
Nike currently lets you switch back to the old site to get the old metrics. However, this will end on September 1.
I should also note that the login prompt on the right side of Nike’s initial screen doesn’t work. You need to click the login button in the left sidebar to login.
I’m going to retire my iPod nano’s step counting feature on September 1. Hey Nike! Thanks for ruining what was a simple and entertaining experience.