Nigella to Martha Stewart: Keep Your Insecurities to Yourself


Nigella Lawson, the self-described domestic goddess, reached out across the Atlantic to take a swipe at her American competitor, Martha Stewart. Lawson hints in a British radio interview that the founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia was kind of sweet on her husband, millionaire art collector Charles Saatchi. From TimesOnline:

”In this week’s edition of the Radio Times, Lawson claimed that Stewart, 66, had ‘insecurities.’ She said: ‘I know her, and I suspect she has a soft spot for Charles. I’m sorry that even though she’s so great and successful she has to disparage someone else. It’s not necessary, but everyone has his or her insecurities. You should try to keep them to yourself and behave in a confident way.”

Martha Stewart, it is said, started the feud, having once called Nigella Lawson ”what’s her name who married Charles Saatchi.”