Nielsenwire Survey Results for Tablet, Phone, eReader Use in Bed, Bathrooms & More

Last week Ericsson ConsumerLab released survey results indicating that about 10 to 20 percent of the people surveyed used a smartphone in bed either in morning or evening for a variety of purposes including email, IM, web browsing and playing games.

Ericsson ConsumerLab: 2% use Smartphone GPS in Bed in AM

While not directly comparable, Nielsenwire asked people where they use smartphones, eReader devices and tablets. They did not break out what tasks or apps people used in these situations as Ericsson ConsumerLabs did.

In the U.S., Tablets are TV Buddies while eReaders Make Great Bedfellows

As you can see in the chart above (a larger view is available on Nielsenwire’s site), Smartphone and Tablet users both reported their highest use while watching TV (68% and 70%, respectively). eReaders’ reported highest use situation was while lying in bed. However, a surprising 35% reported using an eReader while watch TV.

Then, there’s the question that may be on your mind: Do people use these devices in the bathroom? The answer is yes. And, here are the percentages of people reporting using each of the three device types in the bathroom.

1. 28% : Smartphone
2. 25% : Tablet
3. 17% : eReader