Nielsen Reports That Advertising Is the Key to Advertising


An interesting piece passed over to us by reader Bryn Mooth, who says, “Full disclosure — the smart guy who’s quoted is my better half,” in this article from Ad Age, “Want Online Buzz For Your New Product?” In it, it’s something of a surprising look from the first study by the new combo of Nielsen BuzzMetrics and ACNielsen, though it shouldn’t be really a surprise at all. Their findings: even though the internet is very, very scary, if you’re launching a product, you should spend a lot of money at an ad agency to help you launch it. We’re so bogged down anymore in all this new media hubbub and that how no one really “gets” the internet yet, that we suppose that’s why it’s a bit shocking to hear something so obvious come down the pipe. But we’re just boiling it down for you. The piece does have more depth than our quick description and it is a good read, indeed (particularly the quotes from Mr. Mooth).