Nielsen "Most Desired" Mobile Platform Survey Results Make No Sense: Dead Platforms Palm OS & Windows Mobile in the Race? I Think Not

Nielsenwire’s “most desired” smartphone survey of U.S. consumers results puzzles me a lot.

U.S. Smartphone Battle Heats Up: Which is the “Most Desired” Operating System?

Apple’s iPhone number 1 position (27.9%) makes sense as well as the bottom positions filled out by Palm OS (no longer sold), Linux (amazed anyone know which phones run a Linux which is not Android), and Symbian (Nokia). It is the mobile platforms in positions 2, 3, and 4 and the order taken that puzzles me:

#2 RIM BlackBerry OS – 27.4% – a statistical dead heat with the iPhone
#3 Android OS – 22.7% – Android is outselling BlackBerry the iPhone, so does “desire” not play out to actuall purchases?
#4 Windows Mobile – 14% – Windows Mobile is essentially a dead platform replaced by Windows Phone 7. So, this is either a labeling error, or Nielsen actually asked about Windows Phone. On the other hand, why did Nielsen ask about Palm OS which has not be sold in a phone for nearly two years now?

Nielsen’s survey results do not make any sense to me.