Nicole Rudick Is The Paris Review‘s New Managing Editor

Caitlin Roper has stepped down as the managing editor of The Paris Review and Nicole Rudick, formerly of BookForum, has stepped into the role at the literary magazine.

Rudick told us that she started her new job a couple of weeks ago, overlapping with Roper, though her first official day at the magazine was yesterday. She will appear on the masthead of the magazine’s upcoming winter issue.

The Paris Review has also revamped its website — adding, among other features, its interview series in full — to coincide the fall 2010 issue, which was overseen by the magazine’s other new editor, Lorin Stein.

Says Stein of the site’s new look: “We wanted to reflect the look and feel of the print magazine. It’s comfortable. The page is elegant and clean, there are no distractions. But it is also state of the art.”