Investigation Discovery CEO Defends O.J. Simpson Doc

It ranks as a pinnacle of “anti-Thanksgiving” TV programming.

As people around the country on Wednesday will be settling into, or just arriving at, their family holiday destinations, Investigation Discovery (ID) will premiere My Brother the Serial Killer. The documentary examines claims by Florida Death Row serial killer Glen Rogers (pictured) that he was the one who murdered Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

Alongside a statement of condemnation from the Goldman family, TheWrap’s Tim Molloy spoke with ID CEO Henry Schleiff. Sounds like he’s already sidestepping the controversy to come:

Schleiff said the documentary only offered an alternate theory of the murders, and didn’t make any conclusions. “What we really want to do at ID is to sometimes raise a story like this and let you make a decision,” he said. “If you think about it, the fact that years layer there has been no conviction for that murder makes it one of the great mysteries of our generation.”

Be that as it may, there’s no good reason to premiere something like this on the cusp of Thanksgiving 2012.