Nick Signs Sponsors for The AddictingGames Showdown

Nickelodeon has signed on Paramount, the scooter manufacturer Razor, and the gaming brand Wizards 101 and as official sponsors of The AddictingGames Showdown, a mini awards show honoring the best in online games which will air as interstitial programming this Saturday (June  27) during the network’s primetime lineup.

Both Paramount (promoting this weekend’s release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) and Razor are run billboards on Nickelodeon during the awards as well as banner ads within The AddictingGames Showdown promotional microsite, while Wizards will be promoted solely on TV.

In addition, as part of Paramount’s elaborate cross platform sponsorship, Transformers will be featured in a custom category during the awards show – “Best Performance by a Robot.” Plus, AddictingGames has built an original Transformers themed game – The Megatron Face-Off—for the Addicting microsite, which has generated over 11 million game plays since going live three weeks ago according to Nelson Boyce, senior vp of online ad sales, Nickelodeon Kids and Family Group.

The AddictingGames Showdown, which is being hosted by iCarly’s Jerry Trainor, will dole out ten awards on Saturday night during a series of minute to minute-and-a-half long programming interstitials, culminating during the break between new episodes of iCarly and True Jackson around 8:30. The awards include off the wall categories such as Mostest Edumacational Game and Best Performance by a Monkey.

According to Boyce , the goal behind the original interstitial programming is both to keep kids tuned in during the night while also celebrating the growth of the casual gaming space. “This is a new way for AddictingGames to engage with teens and tweens on TV,” he said. Plus, since the award winners will be simultaneously announced on the microsite. “It’s also a way to create appointment viewing on the Web. And it’s great exposure for our partners.”

Down the road, its possible that if the The AddictingGames Showdown proves successful, Nickelodeon could launch a full-fledged awards show on the network, added Boyce. “Just given the kind of traction casual games are getting with this audience, there are any number of scenarios to explore.”