Nick Kristof is Proudest of His Books

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist has the luxury of a full-time columnist’s perch, with all the research and journalistic due diligence that such a position allows for. However, ahead of his Taft Lecture in Cincinnati on Monday, Nicholas Kristof told local freelancer Laura Hobson that his longer-form works are what he is most proud of.


From the piece for WCPO-TV Channel 9:

“My books with [wife] Sheryl have also been highlights, most recently A Path Appears. The books have been a chance to go beyond what I can say in a column, to sum things up, to really try and move people. I think my books are what I’m proudest of.”

Kristof explains to Hobson that once you’ve raised three kids, co-writing books with your wife is a relative “piece of cake.” He also offers interesting, to-the-point answers when asked about mentoring, working in dangerous foreign locations and more.

Previous speakers in the Taft series, launched in 1988, include fellow NYT columnist Thomas Friedman, Bishop Desmond Tutu and former Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop.

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