Nick Denton Discusses Gawker’s Future

"We will continue to run stories that others deem too distasteful."

In an interview with The New York Times, Nick Denton discussed how he sees Gawker Media going forward. Below are some highlights.

On how responsible he feels for running the infamous piece that outed a married man:

I bear responsibility for dodging a real debate about the purpose of Gawker. The truth is necessary to a story, but it’s not sufficient. In my view, there has to be some meaning. It has to be interesting. And my ethos diverged from that of the editorial leadership.

On how Gawker readers have changed since the site was founded:

Gawker’s readers have changed along with the society they’re part of. My sense is that glee at information that spills out on the Internet has given way to a greater concern for personal privacy. More and more people have public lives on social media. And nobody wants to live in a world in which it’s so easy for your smartphone texts to spill onto the web — and so easy for media to justify spreading the embarrassment.

On Gawker’s content:

We will continue to run stories that others deem too distasteful. Our standards will be looser than those of The Times and other established news organizations. But there will be clearer standards.

On if any staffers will leave now that Gawker will adopt “nicer” standards:

I am not sure. I’m leaving to it to Heather [Dietrick, the president and general counsel of Gawker Media]. I really don’t want to get dragged into editorial personnel decisions, though obviously I have views about writers.