Pair of California Seniors Among Nicholas Kristof Win-a-Trip Finalists

For the first time since he began holding his annual win-a-trip competition, Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times foreign correspondent Nicholas Kristof is planning to take along not just a lucky university student with him on a developing country assignment, but also a senior citizen.

That has turned out to be very good news for elderly residents of the Golden State. Among the five finalists for the senior slot, to be voted on (like the student winner) by readers, are two Californians: Emilie Osborn of Palo Alto (pictured) and Monica Jones of Santa Barbara.

Each contestant sent in an essay and-or video piece. Osborn, a 63-year-old doctor, was unusually candid with her thoughts:

My two businessmen sons are now so firmly within the bubble that they don’t imagine that there is a desperate world outside it. I find this sad. I wish a messenger would shake them, wake them up. I can’t do it now.

For her part, Jones, 69, details a truly astonishing list of humanitarian accomplishments, including the recent mentoring and funding of a Kenyan student. Best of luck to her, Osborn, and the other finalists.