Nicholas Fabiano, Some Spider’s New Creative Director, on How to Make Branded Content Memorable

He tells us about how he plans to erase the "disconnect between entertainment and advertising."

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

Nicholas Fabiano, the recently installed creative director for Some Spider Studios, has a vision for what he wants to accomplish with branded advertising at Some Spider, publisher of Scary Mommy and Cafe.

“I think it’s very important these stories can stand the test of time,” he tells Fishbowl. “In our modern world of fast content, the stories you really connect with on a deeper, human level are the ones that can be passed on and be relevant for generations and generations and I wanted to tell those stories, and I think this place is set up to do that.”

At Some Spider, Fabiano will be responsible for overseeing all of its branded video efforts, from concept to execution.

Fabiano, who joined from BuzzFeed, where he was executive producer/director of branded video, points to Puppyhood, a series he created there for brand partner Purina, as inspiration for the kind of work he wants to create at Some Spider, particularly around the idea of serializing branded content and bringing it up to the creative standards of entertainment content.

“I think that there’s always been a disconnect between entertainment and advertising,” he says. “Both have been moving fast in their own lanes, but I think I see an opportunity now to merge those lanes and develop entertaining franchises and I want to make them exclusive to our brand partners.”

But while he aims to “take all the experiences and formats and aesthetics that I’ve worked with at BuzzFeed and other places and adapt them into this place,” he’s using those experiences in a forward-facing way to “build something new.”

Using humor, and pushing past the familiar, safe terrain some advertisers may wish to remain in will be a major component of that, something Some Spider founder Vinit Bharara is equally committed to. “It’s clear in today’s world, in the social and mobile world you have to be extremely entertaining, even if that means pushing the envelope,” he says.