Nice Work If You Can Get It (but really, you never will)


Did we say we were allowed to talk about fashion stuff here at UnBeige? Let’s check the column to the right over there with all our topics. Okay, yep, there’s fashion. But even if we didn’t, yesterday’s interview in AdAge with Tom Julian, the man who has what we consider both the perfect job and the worst job ever. Reason being, the guy is a professional “trend analyst,” which is just as vapid as it sounds, albeit pretty cool. He was with Fallon for eleven years and just recently moved over to McCann Erickson as the first of his type they’ve ever hired (we’re guessing that’s because it’s difficult to tell HR, “Essentially, we want this guy to go to parties all the time, have fun, and that’s it. Also, we’d like to pay him a lot too.”). But it’s an interesting field, and you’ve got to guess that not just fashion is being influenced by people like him, as he’s one of the people letting all of this stuff seep into the culture. Anyway, good interview. Here’s a bit:

I think you have to have good eyes to understand the world of trends. It’s about looking deeper than just what someone is wearing. A lot of people say they will shop the mall. Well, most people don’t watch the bags that people carry, the food that they eat, the way they interact, the sales associates, the way they walk to work. When I shop in an environment, I will revisit each store in the morning and in the afternoon because there’s a total different pattern shift and then all of a sudden, I’ll start to see certain consumers. Again, it is voyeurism.